Double heads busway bending machine

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double bending busway machine that can once Z bending

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 Double heads busway bending machine (or  double head busbar bending machine ) is a new type of  busway processing equipment  developed by our company,the main functions is to bend two ends of  busbar .Can bend once with two bends.When bending we put one busbar or busway (busduct) on the gauge the put one head of the busbas between upper and down molds.The press button or foot switch .Then will once bend two bends on one head of the busbar. Another head by another end of the machine,same steps. No need to change the direction of one bus duct,with the advantages of  high processing speed,less steps,high accuracy,saving time and labor etc.

Main Features:

  • This machine mainly for bending the two ends of the connection busbar of the line of the bus duct.
  • The two ends of the machine adopts hydraulic processing mode, which has the advantages of  high pressure, stable performance .
  • The double bends of the two ends of the busbar can be finished once, with fast processing speed, high efficiency.
  • Large tonnage hydraulic cylinder with large flow gear pump, ensuring the running speed of the machine.
  • Major components are well-known brands, ensuring the stability of the device ,this double head busbar bending machine also can buy with busway connection shearing and punching machine
  • This machine is very simple machine,need less after service and always good performence.Because it is very much cheap,normally clients will buy two or three sets each time for busway line.No need to training,fill in oil,then connect the wire then is fine.

Parameter of the double heads busway bending machine

Name   UnitData
Nominal Pressure


Machining Rangemm3× 30-6 ×200


Total PowerKW4
Overall Sizemm3600 ×1500 ×1000


Total WeightKG1300







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