Bravo! A new machine for busbar- CNC busbar bending shearing machine.

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busbar shearing bending machine

1、 Introduction busbar shearing bending equipment:

This CNC busbar bending shearing machine is a high-efficiency and high-precision bus bar bending cutting equipment controlled by a computer,

mainly for copper and aluminum bus bar fully controlled sawing and bending, notching, riveting, pushing, and other functions.

There is no need for manual intervention in the process of the processing bus bar, which has the advantages of fast processing speed and high precision and is widely

used in dense bus ducts and other industries.

2、 Main features of CNC busbar bending shearing machine:

  1. Feeding part of busbar cutting bending machine:

The feeding part is equipped with a power clamp, which can complete the feeding work through the cooperation of the main shaft Y1.

  1. Moving part of disc saw:

The reciprocating motion of the saw blade is realized by the rack and pinion to the spindle of the disc saw. The rotation of the circular

the saw is driven by a high-speed sawing motor.

  1. Bending machine part:

The bending machine is composed of two sets of front and rear vertical axes Z1 and Z2. The two axes cooperate with each other and are

driven by a hydraulic cylinder to lift to different heights to form a bending effect. The bending machine has the advantages of fast speed and good forming effect.

The bending part can be pulled out to facilitate the replacement of the mold and realize the processing of different spans.

  1. Rear discharge part:

The back discharge part is equipped with a power clamp, which can complete the back discharge work through the cooperation of

the main shaft Y2.

  1. Hydraulic power part:

The hydraulic power part adopts double speed and double pressure fast oil supply, and the high output can reach 500kN.

The oil temperature sensor on the machine can accurately transmit the oil temperature to the radiator. When the oil temperature exceeds the

set value, the radiator will automatically start to dissipate heat, so that the hydraulic system of the machine can operate safely and

effectively for a long time.

  1. Electrical control part:

It adopts the advanced programmable controller of Germany Beckhoff international.

  • Main technical parameters of busbar cutting bending machine:
Nominal pressureJacking unitkN500
Pressing unitkN300
Control axeaxe5
Accuracy of sawing lengthmm/m±0.20
Busbar widthmm250
Busbar widthmm10
X-axis max positioning speedm/min45
Max effective stroke X-axismm800
X-axis accuracy errormm0.20/500(No accumulation)
Max positioning speed of y-axism/min75
Max effective stroke Y-axismm2000
Y-axis accuracy errormm0.20/500(No accumulation)
Jacking strokemm40
Pressing cylinder strokemm40
Max size of the busbarsmm6000×250×10(Length×width×thickness)
Min size of the busbarmm20×3(width×thickness)
Area covered of the main machinemm10500×2900×1700(length×width)
Total power of power supplykW18
  • Selection of main accessories:

Electrical part:
3.Servo motorRexroth4.Intermediate relayIDEC
5.Servo driverRexroth6.ComputerQiyang
7.AC ContactorSIEMENS8.Thermal relaySIEMENS
9.DC power supplySIEMENS10.Circuit breakerSIEMENS
11.Inductive switchBALLUFF12.Linear displacement sensorBALLUFF
13.Remote control module IO-link:BALLUFF

Transmission and hydraulic system of the CNC busbar bending shearing machine.:

1Electromagnetic directional valveRexroth2Electromagnetic relief valveVTOZ
3High-pressure oil pumpMarzocchi4Precision linear guideHIWIN/TBI
5Precision ball screwTBI/HIWIN 

5、 Accessories of the CNC busbar bending shearing machine.:

  1. Saw blade: 2 pieces                                                                       2. Bending mold: 1 set
  2. Punching mold: 4 sets                                                                  4. Riveting clip: 2 pieces
  3. Jaw piece: 4 pairs                                                                          6. Certificate and operation manual: 1 set
  4. Detection switch and other vulnerable parts: 1 set                8. Special tools for maintenance: 1 set


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Bravo! A new machine for busbar-CNC busbar bending shearing machine.
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