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   The CNC busway shearing and bending  machine (cnc busbar sheairng and bending machine) /su_highlight] is with two units of shearing and bending, which can realize the shearing and Z-bending of copper busbars with different specifications. The shearing unit adopts single-knife shearing, with flat shears and no burrs, and can process copper bus bars with a maximum width of 210 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. The Z-shaped bending forming unit is a height-adjustable CNC processing unit. The closed height is fed back to the CNC system by a linear displacement sensor, and can be compensated and adjusted according to the measured values. Copper bus bars with a maximum width of 210 mm, a thickness of 10 mm and a length of 3200 mm.

one cnc busway machine can cnc cut bend
cnc busway-cutting-bending

The CNC busbar bending cutting is one machine with two hydraulic stations each work unit.So when work will not influence each other,can make the prodution rate higher .

Two clamps for bending and shearing power is by air,datas can be controlled by cnc number.

By servo motor controlled the feeding system.PLC control with touch screen,make it easy operate and high accuracy.

This machine is cnc machine,lower cost than high production 602k.but fior busducts or busways is great machines.after bend and cut then punching on one punching machine is ok.

This machine is maninly in busway line alway use connect busway connection machines also.

  • Parameter of the CNC busway shearing and bending  machine :

    1Nominal pressure300KN
    2Max width of the busbar210mm
    3Max thickness of busbar10mm
    4Max length for bending of busbar3200mm
    5Max height of strech of bending30mm
    6Size of machine9600×700×1400mm

    Video of the cnc busbar sheairng and bending machine



    If need busbar cutting machine  :                                 If need busbar bending machine

    602K                                                                                     NC.40Z-2000

    Busway machines:

    double bending manual                                                  busbar milling

    busway sawing                                                                  busway connection



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    Nice! CNC busway shearing and bending  machine for sale
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