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High and low voltage electrical equipment and bus duct industry have higher technical requirements for bus duct connection bus bar like the busbar processing center. which requires reliable connection performance, fast and convenient connection operation, smooth. And uniform pressure surface of the whole connection part, and good conductive effect.

busbar processing center

   Details about the busbar processing center are as below:

  1. In order to meet the above requirements and facilitate the connection with the main bus bar, after punching by the busbar processing center. The punched hole needs to be stretched and flanged to form a boss at one time on the bus bar. During assembly, the boss on the two bus bars is opposite to each other to form a gap between the two bus bars.

When connecting with the main bus bar, the main bus bar is connected in this gap. Then tighten with bolts. However, the existing production method of bus duct connecting busbar is to cut out the required length with plate shears. And then punch and pull the bus duct connecting the busbar with multiple punch presses, which has many processes and low efficiency.

2.The busbar processing center of the bus duct connecting the busbar is composed of punching, stretching, and shearing. It is mainly used in the processing of bus duct connecting busbars.

3.It realizes the whole process of manual feeding. And automatic positioning, automatic clamping, hole, stretching. And shearing of connecting busbar, and greatly improves the production efficiency. The busbar processing center of the bus duct connecting busbar is composed of frame, clamp, clamp driving mechanism, striking assembly, power system, and control system.

The power system adopts an electro-hydraulic pump station, the control system includes a control cabinet and touch screen. And the striking assembly includes a gantry and a powerhead installed on the gantry. A punching die and a shearing die are installed. The clamp driving structure is composed of a servo motor, a servo driver, a ball screw, and a linear guide rail, and the clamp is connected to the ball screw.bus-duct connectiobusbr machine


  And more about the center.

4.The busbar processing center of the bus duct connection busbar adopts a man-machine interface. Which is easy to operate, can reflect the running state of the program in real-time. And can easily set the mold parameters and operate the equipment.

5.The busbar processing center has the function of displaying the operation information of the equipment. And can easily set the relevant parameters and operate the equipment. High precision ball screw drive, with high precision linear guide, high precision, fast efficiency. The components used for domestic and foreign well-known brands, quality assurance, long service life. To ensure product quality. It adopts digital control and hydraulic drive mode, which is safer and more stable.

6.The double clamp linkage model is adopted to ensure the fixation of the copper bus bar during the movement of the clamp, without deviation and movement. And no damage to the surface of the copper bus bar.

bus duct machine


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