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this is a busbar milling machine that can automatic changing tools

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The main function of the LJSK-160 CNC busbar milling machine  is milling angle of copper or aluminum busbar.This busbar corner CNC milling machine is a special machine, mainly milling angle and processing circular arc shape for copper or aluminum busbar or busway which thickness is 6-16mm, and widths are 30-160mm. The machine is with simple structure and easy to operate, so can improve the production efficiency and can save space.

this is a milled corner busbar by cnc busbar milling machine

milling corner busway

Control mode of the LJSK-160 CNC busbar milling machine :

Electric control using 2 axis CNC system control, by controlling the spindle motor and servo motor to start running to finish the feeding and cutting work, by controlling the magnetic valve of the hydraulic system to clamp the hydraulic mechanism and to position the workpieces, etc. By controlling the mechanic valve of the electric/ hydraulic system to complete the action of the blow tank to realize clap and release of the knives.

Structure, advantages and operating characteristics:

The busbar milling Machine is mainly with a bed table, gantry, slide, servo motor, the powerhead, and the cylinder, fixture, gas dynamic system, CNC system, protective cover part as composition.

The busbar milling machine adopts a workpiece fixed, the machine and knives moved. The advantage is the move constitutes making the lower weight of the machine,energy-saving, the structure design is simple, the operation is stable, the structure is rigid, and so on.

Gantry machine frame with a steel plate that welded enclosure structure form. This form of structure has a rigid bed with the advantages of a lightweight, can meet the requirements of strong cutting tool spindle rigidity, and the moving parts feeding response sensitive requirements. And also client will buy busway connection cutting punching machine and double heads busway bending machine with this machine

The machine table adopts steel plate whole welding with rectangular tube. Machine tool stiffness to reduce the impact of cutting vibration on the workpiece size and surface finish. Also, the bed working surface and the mounting surface through the whole process, dimension precision is easy to ensure which is conducive to the improvement of the machining accuracy of workpiece dimensions.

The CNC busway milling machine adopts high precision ball screw and linear guide which adopting high load and large guide rail, so that the rigidity of the whole machine is better, reducing vibration and noise, improving the quality of the workpiece, ensuring the high precision and high efficiency.

Operating characteristics

Each numerical control axis is driven by a linear rolling guide, AC servo motor + ball screw drive, the dynamic response is good, and the positioning accuracy is high. According to the characteristics of Longmen and feeding, we choose inertia moment AC servo motor, the rotary inertia is suitable, the soft impact is small, and the stable and reliable feeding motion of the continuous cutting is ensured.

 The bus duct milling machine  tool spindle axis adopts the high accuracy and high-speed milling machine spindle, which is installed by the whole machine. With the advantages of simple and reliable structure, no lubrication, cooling, high installation precision, high cutting speed.

Parameter of  LJSK160 CNC busbar milling machine

Parameter ItemUnitParameter ValuesNote
Structure ParametersMaterialQ235-A
Maximum Tensile StrengthMPa375-460
Yield StrengthMpa235
Profile Thicknessmm≥8
Spindle Speedr/min300-1440
Main Motor PowerKW5.5/7.5
The Main Type Of ShankBT40
Working TripY-Axismm230Ensure the width of copper processed within 160
X-Axismm500Ensure the width of copper processed within R100
Maximum Operating SpeedX-Axism/min10
Positioning AccuracyX-Axismm±0.005
Bench SizeWidthmm860
Process RangeProcess Thicknessmm6-166、8、10、12、16
Process Lengthmm260-6000
Control type
Automatic Control SystemNo.Of Axeno.2
X-Axis Servo PowerKW1.5
Y-axis Servo PowerKW1.5
Pneumatic SystemSystem Working PressureMPa0.5-0.9
Hydraulic SystemSystem Working PressureMPa8-20
Machine Overall SizeLength X Width X Heightmm1500 X 1555 X 1855
Machine WeightKg2100
Total PowerKW9/11KW


Video (it is automatically changing tools.)






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