Automatic bus bar processing machine operating procedures

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The automatic bus bar processing machine is with the continuous progress of science and technology. A machine-made busbar is widely used in electrical complete manufacturing equipment. In order to improve the working efficiency ensure the safety of operation. Let’s take a look at the operating procedures by copper busbar bending machine manufacturer NC.40Z-1200.

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Automatic bus bar processing machine operating procedures

Step 1. Before the operation: Carefully read the operating instructions of the automatic busbar processing machine. Be familiar with the structure, performance. And operation methods of the automatic busbar bending machine. And work with the correct method in order to stop. And get rid of the danger as soon as possible in the event of failure. Fill the oil tank to avoid damaging the oil pump.

Do not wear a scarf or a coat to operate the automatic bus bar machine during work. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃. You should run it for a few minutes before starting work.

Step 2. During operation: When installing, debugging, or disassembling the mold of the Automatic busbar processing machine the person familiar with the Automatic busbar processing machine should carry out according to the prescribed procedures. During normal work, do not put your hands or part of your body between the upper and lower molds to avoid accidents. Because this copper busbar bending machine manual kind 303E-3-S can be operated by multiple people.

There is a special person responsible for directing the production. When the bus bar processing machine is being operated, be careful while holding the workpiece and waiting for the slider to descend.

Step 3. After the operation: Be sure to shut down safely in the following order after the operation. First, turn off the work buttons of each unit.  Second, turn off the power switch on the operation panel. And then third the main circuit air switch. Turn off the power switch in the workshop.
The above is a brief introduction to the operating procedures of the busbar processing machinery 602k. It is very important to understand how to properly operate the busbar processing machinery. I hope to help you.



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