How to process busbars by hydraulic bus bar machine etc?

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How to process busbars by hydraulic bus bar machine etc? We can have the following steps:

1, Stock for busbars.2, Leveling and straightening.3, Bending.

4, Punching.5, Leveling.6, Galvanized passivation.7, Paint.

hydraulic bus bar machine

1, Stock for busbars.

(1) according to different materials and specifications according to the drawing to calculate the size of the expansion material for blanking.

(2) Before processing, the bus bar material should be inspected for appearance.

Where there are the following local defects, the section should be cut off.

(1) there are cracks, spots, pits, and saltpeter deposits on the surface of the bus bar.

(2) There are pores on the surface of the aluminum bus bar, and the diameter of pores is greater than 5mm and the depth is greater than 0.55mm.

(3) There are pores on the surface of the copper bus bar, and the diameter of pores is greater than 5mm and the depth is greater than 0.15mm.

2, Leveling and straightening (busbar leveling machine) by hydraulic bus bar machine.

(1) According to the straightness of the material, mechanical or manual methods can be selected for leveling and straightening. The flatness is required to be 1000:3 and the straightness is required to be 1000:3. When manual correction is used, a rubber hammer can be used to beat the workpiece but a round hammer is not allowed to be used directly.

(2) according to the different materials of the bus bar, different thickness of the required correction force to adjust the leveling machine.

The roll distance of the lower roller, the roll distance at the entrance than the exit should be smaller.

(3) the leveling range of the leveling machine is 4 ~ 12mm thick busbar, and the leveling effect of the busbar with larger specifications is better. When the bending degree of the bus bar is heavy, it should not be leveled at a time. So as not to correct the force is too large, wounding, damage to the machine.

3, Bending (CNC busbar bending machine)by hydraulic bus bar machine.

When we are using the busbar bending machinery, the selected processing radius should be greater than the specified radius value. Do not damage the surface of the bus bar, or have an obvious indentation at the bend.

Flat bending first in the bending line, the selection of the corresponding mold to adjust the working position. According to the operation, steps will be processed into the workpiece drawing requirements of the shape. The bending line shall be perpendicular to the base edge of the bus bar side.

When vertical bending processing, first change the corresponding thickness of the pressure wheel bending die, adjust the working position. And process the workpiece into the shape required by the drawing according to the operating steps. No cracks and significant wrinkles are allowed at the bending place.

4, Punching ( CNC busbar shearing and punching machine or busbar hydraulic bus bar machine).

The use of bolt connection of the hole processing can be in the bus bar shear or on the punch with a punching die according to the pattern of punching. Punching can be drilled by a vertical drilling machine or bench drill line. But whether punching or drilling all must remove burr hole edge. The red pencil should be used to draw the lines on the busbar lap surface. No needle is allowed.

bus bar machins

5, Leveling.

(1) the busbar lap surface is leveled according to the drawing by a leveling die or embossing die on the friction press or punch press.

(2) The lap surface is required to be smooth and clean, and the roughness should not be less than 6.3. The length direction of the calibration plane should be greater than the actual length of the contact surface of 5 ~ 10mm.

6, Galvanized passivation.

If galvanized passivation is required after pickling of copper busbar, galvanized passivation shall be carried out as required.

7, Paint.

(1) The bus bar is painted uniformly according to the drawing requirements. And there shall be no paint flow, paint leakage, inclusions, and other traces.

 (2) The bolt connection and support connection of the bus bar, the connection between the bus and the electrical appliances. And the place within 10mm from all the connections should not be painted with color paint. The painted edges of the same group (phase A, B, C or positive and negative) busbars shall be perpendicular to the length direction and shall be neat, clean, and consistent.

(3) The bus bars of the high and low voltage screens should be painted on all four sides, and the bus bars of the power box should be painted on only one side.

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How to process busbars by hydraulic bus bar machine etc?
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