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CNC copper busbar bending machine of NC.40ZB-1200 is a high efficiency, high automation, high precision automatic busbar bending machine for copper aluminum busbar bending. The LJ CNC-busbar bending machine adopts servo motor as the main power, CNC as the control unit, equipped with a self-developed CAD / CAM software system, which makes the automation process of the machine in the leading level in the same industry. It is a complete set of high and low voltage, box-type substation, transformer, bus duct The ideal equipment for bus bar processing.

cnc copper busbar bending machine

The LJ CNC-busbar bending machine adopts large inertia servo motor as the main power to provide transmission power for high-precision planetary reducer and grinding ball screw. Compared with traditional hydraulic bending machines, automatic busbar bending machine has the following advantages.

  1. Stable transmission, high accuracy of repeated positioning, accuracy is not affected by temperature, more stable.
  2. It has the function of automatic stop running when standby, which greatly reduces the working energy consumption.
  3. TheCNCcopper busbar bending machine adopts servo motor as power, which solves the trouble caused by oil leakage of hydraulic transmission.
  4. The sound of the servo motor is low when working, which reduces noise pollution.
  5. For the Chinese force mode, linear guide guide guide, balanced force, reduce the influence of eccentric load and friction on the life and machining accuracy of the lead screw.
  6. The gauge is divided into three grades, which can be adjusted manually according to the processing technology, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

1.、 Selection of main accessories of the automatic busbar bending machine.


ItemCNC copper busbar bending machine
Nominal Pressure400kns
Hydraulic cylinder stroke250mm
Main motor power5kw
gauge length1200mm
gauge accuracy+/-0.15
bending accuracy+/-0.3
horizontal bend maximum size15*200mm
vertical bend maximum size12*100mm
weight of machine3100kgs
machine size3500×1450×1850MM



LJ cnc-busbar bending machine

2.Selection of main accessories of the LJ CNC-busbar bending machine.

1、Main shaft screwChina Yigong1
2、servo motorESTUN1
3、Electromagnetic reversing valveGERMAN REXROTH1
4、Electromagnetic relief valveGERMAN REXROTH1
5、AC contactorSIEMENS1
6、Thermal relaySIEMENS1

3.Selection of main accessories of the automatic busbar bending machine.

Vertical bending tool 2sets, horizontal bending sets( 1 set of normal die), random repair tool 1、 manual English version、Certificate in English

automatic busbar bending machine

Video of CNC copper busbar bending machine.


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