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this is a busbar straightening machine,to make the bent busbar be straight

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This  busbar straightening machine  is roller type busbar levelling machine  with fast output,efficient,simple and convenient operation,can match the busbar processing machine. Convenient and quick.This busbar straightening machine is adopting curvature compensation technique.compared with the traditional roller type,the phenomenon of the workpiece slippage has been improved.reasonable stress.Save energy more than double.Also much extended the service life of the busbar straightening machine.This busbar straightening machine is one motor kind.Need 3 phase power supply .3KW motor or 5.5kw motor can be chosen.Totally 13 rollors.hardly need after sale,very simple machine.MXJP 160 can straighten size of 12*160mm busbars,and MXJP260 can straighten size of 12*260mm busbars.

This machine mainly simple to use .no need installation or training. Low price.Long time to use.

And  this machine is popular,because many busbars are in roll when bought is need to use (busbar cuttging bending punching) we have to make it straight.

And also when we are punching we can not use the busbars not straight.

This machines always together with those machines like busbar punching bending cutting machines to finish the coming works.Cnc busbar machines always can finish those work fast and high accuracy.

The weight of this machine only 700kgs and 1200kgs.


busbar straightening



Itemroller type busbar leveling machine
Size Of Machine1580*800*1300mm 1700*1000*1300mm 
Machine Weight 700kgs 1200kgs 
Power Of Motor3KW 5.5KW 
The Largest Flat Interface Dimensions160*12MM 260*12MM 

Video of the busbar straightening machine :

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