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The busbar processing equipment has three units of punching, cutting, and bending. And the working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to shorten the processing time and improve production efficiency.
Using this hydraulic busbar machine, you can process copper and aluminum bus bars of different specifications. With the corresponding processing unit, you can cut (broken), punch (round holes, waist-shaped holes), and bend flat copper and aluminum bus bars conveniently and quickly. Bending, bending, vertical bending, embossing, and other processing.
Through flexible replacement of molds, it can also complete flattening, twisting, crimping of cable joints, and cutting, flattening, punching, and bending of copper rods.

The bending unit of the busbar processing equipment adopts imported PLC control, the system is stable, and the bending accuracy is high.

hydraulic busbar processing machine
The bending unit of the ordinary busbar processing equipment adopts counter control, which is convenient for adjustment and accurate bending.

【Generally, the color of the machine frame is gray, and some customers require other colors such as red.

Because we are committed to being a busbar processing equipment manufacturer, we can customize the color of the equipment, punching die position, mold configuration, and A series of attributes such as bending control and bending structure.】
1. This series of multi-station hydraulic busbar machines have three working units of punching, cutting, and folding. The units are convenient to adjust, shorten the processing time, and greatly improve the work efficiency.
2. Use the corresponding processing stations to punch, cut, and bend copper and aluminum bus bars.
3. Complete the processing of various specifications of copper and aluminum bars by changing different molds and meet various processing needs.

And also

4. The operator can set the downtime by himself. When the equipment is in an idle state. It will automatically shut down, saving users the cost of electricity.
5. The hydraulic oil tank of the bus machine is welded with 3mm thick steel plate and phosphate, which effectively ensures that the hydraulic system and components are not polluted and corroded.
6. There is an accurate measuring ruler on each workbench, which is more conducive to the precise processing of the busbar.
7. Each working unit has a footswitch and a button switch to make the operation more convenient and quick.
8. Each multi-station hydraulic busbar processing machine has four casters for easy movement.

Interpretation of three-station busbar processing equipment.

Shearing station of the hydraulic busbar machine.

hydraulic busbar machine

1. The shearing station adopts a double-column shearing structure, and the shearing force is stable, strong, and uniform.
2. Using file-cutting cutting.
3. A pair of sharp scissors + polyurethane pad.
Therefore, in summary, the workpiece cut by the busbar processing machine is smooth, without waste, burrs, and corners.

Punching station of the hydraulic busbar processing machine.

1. The punching station of the busbar processing equipment adopts a tooth-shaped four-position integral turntable to ensure the precise centering of the upper and lower molds. Improve the concentricity of the mold, and extend the life of the mold.

2. It also avoids damage to the punching die caused by frequent die replacement.

3. The copper hydraulic busbar machine can customize the four-position, six-position, or eight-position punching turntable structure for you according to user requirements.
4. The punching station is equipped with a mechanical two-way positioning device. During the working process, there is no need for the operator to draw a cross line or proofing punch at the position where the copper and aluminum row needs to be punched, which saves working time and improves work efficiency.

5. The punching die adopts a polyurethane pad + spring design. It makes the mold return faster and the workpiece effect is better.

6. The shearing and punching station of this series of hydraulic busbar processing machine adopts the **60mm large-diameter hydraulic column, the shearing force, and punching force are more stable, powerful, and uniform and the processed workpieces are better.

Bending station of the busbar processing equipment.

1. The bending angle of the hydraulic busbar processing machine is controlled by the cooperation of PLC. And displacement sensor and has storage memory and error compensation functions to ensure the bending accuracy and angle consistency.
2. The bending station adopts a closed bending structure, which is strong and durable, strong, and uniform. And the angle of the workpiece after bending is the same.

3. By changing the mold, embossing and flattening functions can be realized at this station.

4. The bending of the hydraulic busbar machine adopts Panasonic PLC control, which is more stable and reliable and has high production efficiency than the traditional relay control of the ordinary hydraulic busbar machine.

The standard configuration

Product model namehydraulic busbar machine 503E-3
product brandLJ
Dimensions (mm) length * width * height1500mm×1300mm×1200mm
working desk size1400mm×1200mm
Second-floor workbench1000mm×500mm
Maximum cutting thickness/width12mm/150mm
Maximum thickness/width of flat bending12mm/150mm
Maximum thickness/width of vertical bending10mm/100mm
Punching diameterΦ4.3≈Φ25
Motor: JULIWEITE  4KW×3Gear pump: Taiwan Xinhong
Solenoid valve: Shanghai FengyiOverflow valve: Shanghai Fengyi
Relay: Shanghai SchneiderContactor: Shanghai Schneider
Punching molds: optional 8 sets of specifications and modelsΦ7、Φ9、Φ11、Φ13、Φ17、Φ13×17、Φ11×15Φ17×21
Flat bending mold: two sets of optional (R3, R5, R10)Vertical bending mold: choose two sets (R30, R50, R80)
A set of embossing moldA set of shears (on the equipment)
Punching unit turret station 4, 6, 8 optionalPlease see the packing configuration list for random accessories

Tools and sample:

tools of busbar processing equipment

sample of busbar processing equipment

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Attention! 503E-3 busbar processing equipment is in a sale
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