What should pay attention to when changing parts of busbar cutting punching machine ?

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Busbar shear punch manufacturers. The busbar cutting punching machine is suitable for the production of large-scale electric control boxes. And the construction site use of power transmission and distribution construction projects and has a wide range of uses. When using the busbar cutting punching machine, sometimes there are some problems that require us to replace the parts in time.

So what should pay attention to when replacing the parts of the busbar shear punch?

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1. It is necessary to replace any busbar cutting punching machine parts when the power is off. Many processing machines printed circuit boards have some switch or shorting bar settings to match actual needs. So be sure to record the original switch positions and settings on the replacement spare parts board, and make the new board the same. Otherwise, an alarm will occur and the operation cannot be performed.

2. The replacement of some printed circuit boards requires certain specific operations after the replacement to complete the establishment of software and parameters.

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3. In the busbar shearing cutting equipment, some printed circuit boards cannot be easily unplugged. Such as boards containing operating memory, or spare battery boards, which will lose useful parameters or programs. When it is necessary to replace it, it is also necessary to follow the relevant instructions.

busbar shearing cutting equipment manufacturers. In view of the above conditions, before pulling out the old board to replace the new board, be sure to read the relevant materials carefully. Understand the requirements and operation process before proceeding, to avoid the formation of larger problems.

The above is about the matters needing attention when replacing the parts of the busbar shear punch, I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions about the busbar shearing cutting equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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What should pay attention to when changing parts of busbar cutting punching machine?
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