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The automatic busbar bending machine is used for high and low voltage complete sets. And also are used for power distribution cabinets, switchgear, transformers, and other industries related to copper and aluminum processing. Because it overcomes the structural defects of the old open type, the lower plate is thinner.

And the strength is insufficient, and the open type is simple and convenient to operate. It is widely used. In addition, the automatic busbar bending machine

can input the bending coefficient of copper and aluminum busbar through the touch screen or keyboard. Or directly import the drawings to realize batch and automated production.


Total servo kind
Hydraulic and servo kind


Total servo kind, there is no need for a hydraulic system and hydraulic oil. And operation by computer.

Hydraulic and servo kind one is mixed servo and hydraulic.Need motor power and hydraulic power. Controlled by touch screen.

Both the two kinds of machines can use bending data or draw directly, Each two model.




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