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 803e-3-s hydraulic busbar punching machine  is one machine can bend cut punch at the same time and not influence each other.Because it is horizotal bending cnc controlled so this is also called bending machine for busbars.It can process size of 16*260mm copper and aluminum busbars.So can quite meet those bigger busbars. For switchgears and transformers are very popular.And also this machine turrent can process vary fast kindly also check the video in video lines.

  1. This hydraulic bus bar shear can Cut no waste.It is double-column shearing structures (patent number: ZL201120262802.1),Cut mouth flat, and no burrs.
  • This hydraulic busbar punching machineis turrent kind pIt is nodular cast iron,4 or 6 or 8 modes molds turrent punching structure is a totaly whole one,that improving concentric degree of moulds,

prolonging the service lifes of the moulds,saving time of changes.

  • The bending machine for busbaris  closed bending,it is more uniform for working. Also prolonging the service lifes.
  • And bending unit adopts double worktable,it is a real sense of the three position working at the same time while working not impact each other.
  • It is adopting PLC controlled, And bending angle can be cnc,also with a storage function.
  • The three units of the machine can also work at the same time,not affecting each other,higher the processing efficiency at the same time.
  • The hydraulic tank is with thick plate welding,what else,it is treated by phosphating.The hydraulic oil can be longer time used and will not degenerate then.
  • The Paramter of the bending machine of the busbars:


          Function            ItemModel
    PunchingMax. Punching Force (KN)300500800
    Punching Diameter Range (MM)4.3-254.3-324.3-36
    Max. Thickness (MM)121620
    Max. Width (MM)160200260
    Shearing/CuttingMax. Shearing Thickness (MM)121620
    Max. Shearing Width (MM)160200260
    Honrizental BendingMax. Bending Force (KN)300500800
    Max. Thickness (MM)160200260
    Max. Width (MM)121620
  • Video:

    Bending :





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    If need busbar cutting machine  :                                 If need busbar bending machine

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  • 503E-3-S
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