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cnc busbar shearing and punching machine

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This CNC busbar shearing and punching machine 602K with the characteristics : 1. high efficiency, 2. low energy consumption,3.  labor-saving, 4.  time-saving, 5 . high processing precision, 6. beautiful and novel appearance (patent number: ZL 201430448531.8). And most important of the CNC busbar machine :

1. Can cut, punch(all kinds of round, square, special holes and slot type), chamfer, emboss the copper and aluminum busbar, etc.

2. Shearing no waste (patent), Punching clean and fast.

3. With 6 axis servo system, this is the fastest busbar shearing and punching machine in the market right now.

4. And with best software that can use auto cad and Solidworks drawing directly or according to data make drawing directly no matter there are Autocad or Solidworks software or not, making it is most convenient and easy to use.

The future line for the busbar machinery factory:

CNC busbar shearing and punching machinery
busbar shearing and punching
future workshop for cnc busbar workshop
future workshop for CNC busbar workshop

1. For this  CNC busbar machine Mould base can choose 6 punchings and 1 cutting and 1 embossing or 8 punchings and 1 cutting of straight-line type mold base.

2. CNC busbar punching cutting machine  Cutting dies is a single scissor punching cutting  (Patent No.: ZL 201300804566.0) no scrap left after shearing.

3. Man-machine interface, easy to operate With LJ busbar producing assistant design program (certificate number: 846802nd) real-time showing  program operates states, and can connect with 40Z-2000 and 40Z-1200

4. The  CNC busbar equipment with a unique processing principle and processing method, for long busbar -, can be realized that once be clamped, without man intervene during the processing, automatic repeat switching clamp, can complete punching and shearing for the busbars

Processing and delivery busbar machines (machines like)

Sending busbar machines
Sending busbar machines
Packing busbar machines
Packing busbar machines
paying busbar machines
paying busbar machines

Q&A of the CNC busbar machines

CNC busbar machinery workshop
busbar machinery workshop

1.What about your after-sale?
–1.1 Years quality guarantee, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables)shall be charged free if there is any problem during the warranty period.
–1.2 Lifetime maintenance and software updating for free.
–1.3 Free training
–1.4 We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when need replacement.
–1.5 7*24 hours on-line service, free tech support.
–1.6 Machines have already debugged before shipment.
–1.7 Our staff can be sent to your company to install and debugging.

2. What we want to know from you before buying your machines:
–2.1 What materials do you want to process?
Mainly for busbars and busways which are copper, brass, and aluminum (sometimes chromate treatment, galvanized treatment)
–2.2 What’s the max size of the materials (length*width*thickness)?
For 602K can process max size of 16mm thickness*200mm width*6m length (also can process less than 6m)

Other Q&A

1. What is your payment terms:
–30% TT deposit, balance before shipment.

2. What is the delivery time?
–30-45days around

3. What are the voltage and the rated power?
–It can be customized

4. What is the MOQ?
–1 set. Our customers can be end-users, retailers, wholesalers or agents.

5.If the software is only on one industrial computer or can be used on any computer?
–Can use on any computer, so if you are engineers you can use your own computer to make drawing and send data to the computer
of the machine, operators can use it in the workshop.

6. For copyright of the software, we need to buy or lifetime free.
–It is lifetime free. The software can make it the same as the Autocad or Solidworks or the x-axis and y-axis confirmed(manual) no matter
there is other software or not(like auto cad ad Solidworks).

7. We need you to come again if we changed operators or not?
–No need we come, we have a systematic course on-line and also will be on computers of the machines for any needed.

8.What if any problem after trained and installed?
–95% don’t need we come, for we will be on-line 7*24 hours for after service. And this CNC machines we are processing in bulk
Most issues we already met so can feedback earliest. We have more 80% market share for this machine. Every year hundreds of the same
machines sending out.

9. Can you OEM or DOM for us?

–No issue.

10. Do you have patents or CE?
–We have all patents for according tech, shearing no waste patents, software patents, appearance patents, structure patents.
We have CE certification.

11.If we come to your factory how we stay?
–When you come please call me or we chat or whats app me:+8613853146766, we will come to pick you up. And around many 3-5 stars hotels.

Parameter of busbar shearing and punching machine servo CNC 602K:

Max punching/shearing force:300KN600KN
Max Processing Size 12×125mm16×200mm
Max punching rangeФ4.3-25mmФ4.3-35mm
Max molds can be loaded

7 punchings 1 cutting  or 5

punchings 1 cutting 1 embossing


8 punchings 1 cutting  or 6 punchings 1 cutting 1 embossing

          Parameter contrast

Max Stroke of X-axis:2000mm

X-axis positioning speed:


Max Stroke of Y-axis:860mm

Y-axis positioning speed:


Max Stroke of Z-axis:200mm

Z-axis positioning speed:


Punching accuracy:±0.2mm

Error :


Hitting speed : 80times/min

Max Stroke of X-axis:2000mm

X-axis positioning speed:


Max Stroke of Y-axis:960mm

Y-axis positioning speed:


Max Stroke of Z-axis:310mm

Z-axis positioning speed:


Punching accuracy:±0.2mm



Hitting speed:180times/min

Overall Dimensions (Length×Width×Height)10500mm×2750mm×1750mm10800mm×2900mm×1800mm


Video of the 602k CNC busbar machine




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