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 503E-3-S is one bus bar bending machine  that can punch cut bend at the same time.Flat bending is cnc controlled.Cutting no waste is our patents.Bending is closed structure is our patents.503E-3-S is one 500kns copper bus bar bending machine,three motors,turrent punch set 4,6,8 holes punch.This machine is one of the most popular busbar machinery in HV and LV switchgears.And this machine can process max size of 15*200mm copper and alumium busbars.

3 in 1 busbar machine 303e-3-s cutitng no waste ,closed bending,punching turrent

1.Cutting unit of the bus-barwire processing machine adopts double-column cutting structures (our patent:ZL201120262802.1)Cutting mouth is flat , is no burr, no scrap.

2.Punching unit of the bus bar bending machien adopts Nodular cast irons,4,8 modes position turrent punching is a totaly whole one,Raising concentric degree of moulds,

prolonging the usage life of the moulds,saving time of change the moulds.

  • Bending unit of the busbar bending adopts closed bending structure,making it is more steady when processing horizontal bendings and embossings. Also prolonging the usage life.
  • Bending unit of the copper busbar bending machine adopts double work table,achieving a real sense of the three units can work at the same time and working without impacting each other.
  • The bus-barwire processing machine adopting PLC controlled, bending angle can be NC controlled with touch screens,and there is a storage function.
  • Three units of the bus var bending machine can be working at the same time,not affecting ang them,raising the processing efficiency.
  • Hydraulic tank of the busbar bending with thick plate been welded,and is treated by phosphated, making the hydraulic oil will not degenerate because of longer time use.

Parameter of the bus bar bending machine :

      Function            ItemModel
PunchingMax. Punching Force (KN)300500
Punching Diameter Range (MM)4.3-254.3-32
Max. Thickness (MM)1216
Max. Width (MM)160200
Shearing/CuttingMax. Shearing Thickness (MM)1216
Max. Shearing Width (MM)160200


Honrizental BendingMax. Bending Force (KN)300500


Max. Thickness (MM)160200
Max. Width (MM)1216
Vertical BendingMax. Width (MM)120(10mm THK)120(10mm THK)
Max. Angle (Degree)90°90°
Out Dimension                       MM1750*1350*15001920*1550*1500
Weight                       KG1390KG1650KG
Cnc controlled or notYesYes


Bending :





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