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NC.40ZB-1200 servo CNC copper busbar machine for bending is a high-efficiency, high-automation, and high-precision processing equipment for copper and aluminum bending; the machine uses CNC as the main power, CNC as the control unit, and is equipped with independent. The developed CAD/CAM software system has a leading level of automation in the same industry. It is a piece of ideal equipment for processing “bus bars” in industries such as high and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substations, transformers, and bus ducts.
copper busbar machine

Main feature of the copper busbar machine.

 NC.40ZB series servo numerical control copper busbar machine for bending is ideal processing equipment for the bending of copper and aluminum bars. It has advantages. Like high efficiency, high automation, high precision, time, and labor-saving.

●Servo motor is the main power, CNC is the control unit, equipped with independently developed CAD/CMD software system, the machine’s degree of automation is at the leading level in the same industry, and it is the ideal processing for high and low voltage complete sets, box-type substations, transformers, and other industries equipment.
The “closed bending” structure is adopted, which has a simple structure, reasonable force, and the mechanical strength is greatly enhanced compared with open bending.
●Using a large number of servo motors as the main power, stable transmission, high repeat positioning accuracy, accuracy is not affected by temperature and more stability.
●Automatic stop function during standby, greatly reducing work energy consumption.
●For the Chinese-style force mode, linear guide rail guides, the force is balanced, reduces the burden.
closed bending of the busbar machines..
CNC gauge of the copper busbar machines
Servo motors of the copper busbar machines
System of the busbar machines
computer of the busbar machines
Copper busbar machines in the workshop.
Copper busbar machine. The influence of eccentric load and friction on the life and machining accuracy of the screw is reduced.
It can be used by the internet with a CNC busbar punching and shearing machine by CNC programming software,
No interference between machine and software, easy maintenance

Technical Parameters of the NC.40ZB.

Itembusbar bender
Nominal Pressure400kns
Hydraulic cylinder stroke250mm
Main motor power5kw
gauge length1200mm
gauge accuracy+/-0.15
bending accuracy+/-0.3
horizontal bend maximum size15*200mm
vertical bend maximum size12*100mm
weight of machine3100kgs
machine size3500×1450×1850MM


This machine can connect with 602k(busbar shearing and punching)



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