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The 40Z-2000 copper busbar bending machine  can process horizontal bending,vertical bending,u bending,twisting,and many kinds of once double bends.This hydraulic busbar bending with 40tons bending force 2m once servo push and pull by gauge, so for busbar processing for longer busbars can process easier. This is a copper busbar twisting machine also. The structure is very strong than other same machines in the market. This machine can use Autocad or Solidworks drawing with our software which can be used on any computer. Or manual enter data to process, very simple and easy to use. This machine can connect with the 602K-8C also.


Picture of CNC busbar bending machines

bending copper busbars
copper busbar

Function introduction of copper busbar bending machine:


  • The busbar machine using hydraulic pressure as the force, CNC control. That can match our own researched and developed CAD/CAM program, with high efficiency and automation.
  • Using the ” open bending ” structure, and a strong plate of the machine, structure simple, stress reasonable, very easy to put in and fetch out busbars…
  • Hydraulic part with the “two speed ” when working that improves the efficiency of the processing, making the accuracy of the bending higher.
  • Through the “structure of the rotary encoder” test cylinder position to make the processing operation.
  • The gauge adopts modularization design, which can choose the length of the gauge according to the demand. The bridge structure of the “double linear guide” is used in the gauge section. Running smoothly.
  • HMI, human-machine interface. Easy operate, real-time showing operating state by touch screen.
  • Can connect with MX602K CNC busbar punching cutting machine by CNC  programming software which no need there is Autocad or Solidworks, but can open and edit the drawing, operating simply, machine and software not influence each other, easy to maintain.
  • Hydraulic hose is using international standard A connection type mode, connect easily, durable and firm
  • Pack with:Horizontal bending mold, vertical bending mold, U bending mold, random repair tool 1, the stand by seal ring 1 bag, foot switch 1.


1. What we want to know from you before buying your machines:
–1.1 What materials do you want to process?
Mainly for busbars and busways which mainly are copper aluminum (sometimes chromate treatment, zincification treatment), etc
–1.2 What’s the max size of the materials (length*width*thickness)?
For 40Z can process max size of 16mm thickness*200mm width*6m length (also can process less than 6m)

Other Q&A

1. What is the delivery time?
–30 days around

2.If the software is only on one industrial computer or can be used on any computer?
— you can use it on any computer.

3. For copyright of the software, we need to buy or lifetime free.
–It is our own copyright, so it is lifetime free.

For other Q&A you can check on 602K


  • Parameter of 40Z-2000 copper busbar bending machine :

Itembusbar bender
Nominal Pressure400kns
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke250mm
Main Motor Power5.5kw
Gauge Length1200mm
Gauge Accuracy+/-0.15
Bending Accuracy+/-0.3
Horizontal Bend Maximum Size15*200mm
Vertical Bend Maximum Size12*120mm
Weight Of Machine2300kgs
Machine Size4200×1700×1450mm







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