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For the copper bus bar machinery compared with old structures like punch one holes. Cutting 8mm scrap,bending low accuracy. After more than than 15 years development we made big upgrating . And make those upgrating as our patents. Also make them as the trends.

For shearing of copper bus bar machinery

1. To solve the problem of shearing waste

The old-fashioned shearing of hydraulic copper bar cutter will produce 8 mm copper waste every time it is cut. From the customer’s point of view. It’s a pity that copper waste is so expensive and wasted. How can there be no waste when it is cut?  So we developed a double-knife shearing method. From then on. No scrap will be produced when the bus bar machine cuts the copper busbars. This is a historic progress in the history of busbar processing machines.This is our patent.

2. In order to overcome the defects of the existing technology of copper bus bar machinery

We have developed a new type of hydraulic busbar cutting machine ,shearing unit. which is a new type of bus bar machine shearing unit. This kind of bus bar machine shearing sheet has the advantages of inconsistent connection of components. inconsistent shearing degree of batch processing workpiece. low shearing precision and uneven shearing surface. Elements include upper and lower crossbeams. upper tool holders fixed with upper cross beams (installation of upper knives). lower tool holders connected with frame (installation of lower knives). two parallel guide pillar.  and hydraulic cylinders connected with lower cross beams.

The upper and lower crossbeams are respectively. spanned at the upper and lower ends of the two guide pillars. and are fixed and connected with nuts. One. The lower cutter seat and the lower cutter of the shearing unit of the bus bar machine are fixed. and the upper cutter can move downward. The upper cutter and the lower cutter are butted to the busbars of the worktable for shearing. and the upper cross beam has a tool adjusting plate. which is used to adjust the direction or position of the upper cutter. so as to butt with the lower cutter more accurately and have higher shearing precision. The shearing unit is installed on the bus bar processing machine. The cutting surface of the workpiece is relatively flat. the batch processing is good. and it is easy to install. the accuracy is guaranteed, and the interchangeability is good.

This is a busbar shearing unit of copper bus bar machinery,shearing no scrap
a busbar shearing unit,shearing no scrap

For bending of hydraulic busbar cutting machine

1.To solve the problem of bending upper degree bigger than down degree on open structure.We are making the bending structure as closed with one thick steel plates.That can easlier use u bending to slove the problem bending small u bends also.this is our patent.


This is a busbar bending unit of the hydraulic busbar cutting machine ,that closed bending,higher accuracy
busbar bending unit of the hydraulic busbar cutting machine




For punching of hydraulic copper bar cutter

comparing with old one hole structure we are using 4 6 8 holes turrent punch set which upper and down whole set. Quite easy to turn to use different tools on it. And with easy lock by turn and unlock by small turn. Making

the work fast and easy. And the structure also using our patent double up-rights structure.




If need busway machines or busbar machines :


If need busbar cutting machine  :                                 If need busbar bending machine

303E-3-S                                                                             303C 

303C-3                                                                                 303E-3

803E-3-S                                                                            503E-3-S

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