How to maintain the surface of the copper busbar punching machine

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Copper busbar punching machine is needed to maintain when we process high hardness or some structural the surface quality of copper busbar cut punch bend machine should also be maintained. And also because if there are some tools etc on the working area, may hurt the operator also break machines, So we should do some work before let it run. And please arrange professional training before using the machines. Especially for these cutting bending punching stations machines. Sometimes if you ignore something best read the manual again. Also If you have professional glove etc best to use. For starting using machines, more care is better. If all is familiar all will be kept in memory. Most important things are keeping safe when working! How to maintain it?

copper busbar punch machine

Look at the following five points of the copper busbar punching machine.

1. Surface protection should be carried out during processing to avoid damage to the surface; assemblers should wear gloves when installing to prevent the surface from leaving handprints and stains.

2. Copper bars should be made of good materials with few surface defects and uniform color.

3. Copper busbar needs to be straightened. The bending degree of the broadside of the copper busbar is not more than 2 mm per meter and that of the narrow busbar is not more than 3 mm per meter (busbar bending machine).

4. After bending the copper bars, no obvious cracks can be found at the corner.

5. It is strictly forbidden to fill the same size copper material in the round hole position for repairing under the condition of punching the wrong hole in the copper busbars.


Above is five-point of how to maintain when bending cutting punching the copper busbar. Please always pay attention to some details and write them down to avoid those details forgotten. Again we should reminder.safty is the first thing that comes before any work!

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How to maintain the surface of the copper busbar punching machine
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