Safty operation of the punches busbar machine

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Punches busbar machine widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, substation, bus bar, bridge, electrical switch, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing. cabinet manufacturing and other electrical complete sets of manufacturing industries. What are the safe operation steps of bending busbars copper machines?

punches busbar machine

Before the operation of the punch busbar machine

1. Before the first start-up, the oil must be injected into the tank to avoid damaging the pump.

2. We must read the instruction carefully and be familiar with the structure, performance, and operation of the machine.

3. Do not wear scarves or overcoats.

4. Work in the right way so as to stop and get rid of danger as soon as possible in case of failure.

5. If the ambient temperature is below 0 C, the machine should start up and run empty for several minutes before working.

Operation of the LJ busbar bending-punching-cutting 120 x 12mm

1. Installation, debugging (alignment of die, adjustment of blade clearance) or disassembly of the die must be carried out by the person familiar with the punches busbar machine (like the machine of LJ busbar bending-punching-cutting 120 x 12mm)in accordance with the prescribed rules.

2. When the machine is working normally, do not place the hand or part of the body between the upper and lower dies (blades) in order to avoid accidents.

3. Do not put all sundries and tools on the workbench to avoid accidents caused by rolling into the die or knife edge.

4. Because the machine can be operated by many people, it must be directed by a special person.

5. Must choose the clearance between the cutting blade and the die and the radius of the bending fillet according to the thickness of the copper (or aluminum) row.

6. In order to avoid danger, the machine must be shut down when replacing the mold.

7. Be careful when holding the workpiece while waiting for the slider to go down.

8. The sharpness of blades and die edges should be checked regularly. If blunt edges are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

9. Keep the oil clean and smooth, and lubricate the moving parts of each unit in each shift.

10. Electrical and hydraulic components must ensure flexible movement and correct position and stop immediately when abnormal phenomena are found.

After the operation of the punch busbar machine

After the operation, the machine must be shut down safely in the following order:

(1) Turn off the working buttons of each unit.

(2) Turn off the power switch on the operating disc.

(3) Turn off the main circuit air switch.

(4) Turn off the power switch in the workshop

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