The hydraulic busbar bending machine–performance characteristics

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The hydraulic busbar bending machine is a piece of special equipment for bus bar bending processing controlled by computers.

With the mutual coordination of the axis movement, various bending actions are completed by manual auxiliary feeding. It can be completed by selecting different molds, flat bending, vertical bending, and other processing technology of the bus bar. 3D software can accurately calculate the unfolding length of bending,

For the workpiece with more bending times, it can automatically find the bending order and realize the programming automation.

Hydraulic busabr bending machine

The performance characteristics of the hydraulic busbar bending machine are as follows.

First : the body of the busbar bending machine adopts a carbon steel plate welding structure. and after high-temperature tempering effect. surface shot blasting.

second: In addition to welding stress and oxide scale treatment, the equipment has a firm structure. solid material, impact resistance, and durability

no deformation. The equipment has a beautiful appearance and fine workmanship.

Third: The special computer control software for bus bar processing machines developed by applying three-dimensional drawing technology. It can be used for processing.

Fourth: The part drawing is automatically converted into machine code (the CNC system of the equipment runs automatically according to the machine code).

According to the bending elongation of the bus bar, the blanking length and punching position (before bending) of the workpiece are accurately calculated

What more for the hydraulic busbar bending machine?

Fifth: It can also simulate and demonstrate the whole process of punching, shearing, and bending of the bus bar. And can effectively prevent the occurrence of a fault

material waste caused by wrong code input.

Sixth: The man-machine interface is applied to the operation of the CNC (hydraulic )busbar bending machine to reflect the running state of the equipment program in real-time.

Seventh: It has the function of equipment fault information alarm.

Eighth: High energy efficiency motors of international and domestic famous brands are adopted for hydraulic power motors. And the working conditions are the same

save electricity.

Ninth: The equipment is the special equipment for bus bar bending and processing controlled by industrial computer. which is used for manual feeding and bending.

Length automatic blocking, bending angle grating ruler digital control. Closed bending mechanism, x, y two axes.

Tenth: The use of a precision linear guide ensures the machining accuracy, avoids the disadvantages of open bending, and ensures the machining angle.

Eleventh: The degree is consistent in the width direction.

Twelfth: The maximum stroke of the x-axis is 2000mm, which increases the length of unilateral machining and improves the machining range of workpiece


Thirteenth: The flat bending and vertical bending of the bus bar can be completed by using different dies.

Fourteenth: The die has the function of automatic clamping and releasing to ensure the flatness of the workpiece. And reduce the bending arc damage.



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