Maintenance and troubleshooting- cnc copper busbar machine

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Cnc copper busbar machine ‘s analysis process of the electrical fault. It is also the troubleshooting process. So some common troubleshooting methods.

 The electrical fault of the hydraulic busbar machineries are as follows.

6 axe copper busbar punching shearing machinery
6 axe copper busbar punching shearing machinery
copper busbar bending machinery
copper busbar bending machinery

Step 1 :  Power supply of the cnc copper busbar machine


Power supply is the energy source of maintenance system .And even the normal operation of the whole machine tool. If it fails or fails lightly.It will lose data and cause shutdown. If it is serious, it will destroy part or even all of the system. In western countries .Due to the sufficient power and high quality of power grid . The power supply design of the electrical system is less considered .which is a big fluctuation . And high-order harmonic power supply network in China A little inadequate. Coupled with some human factors, inevitably caused by power failure.


Step 2 :  CNC system position ring fault of  hydraulic busbar machineries


Point 1 : Position ring alarm. It may be that the position measuring circuit is open.

The measuring element is damaged. the interface signal established by position control does not exist, etc


Point 2 : The coordinate axis moves without command.

Which may be due to excessive drift. the position loop or speed loop is connected to positive feedback. the feedback wiring is open. the measuring element is damaged


Step 3 : The copper machine coordinate cannot find the zero point.

It may be that the zero direction is far away from the zero point. The encoder is damaged or the wiring is open. The zero mark of the grating is shifted. The zero return deceleration switch is out of order


Step 4 : The dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic busbar machineries tool become worse.

The machining quality of the workpiece declines .And even the machine tool vibrates at a certain speed. The larger one may be caused by the excessive clearance . Or even serious wear of the mechanical transmission system. Or the insufficient lubrication or even wear of the guide rail. for the electrical control system. It may be that the speed ring. Position ring and relevant parameters are no longer in the matching state. Which should be caused by the mechanical failure Readjust after basic elimination


Step 5 : There are two possible situations of hydraulic busbar machineries

one is that the problems in the relevant.

Software design as mentioned above. Cause the shutdown fault under some specific combination of operation. And function operation. In general, the hydraulic busbar machineries  tool will disappear . When it is powered off again. The other is caused by environmental conditions. Such as strong interference (power grid or peripheral equipment). High temperature and humidity Such environmental factors are often ignored. For example, in the south of China. the machine tool is placed near the common factory building or even the open door. The electric cabinet is open for a long time. And there are a lot of equipment producing dust. Metal chips or water mist nearby.

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Maintenance and troubleshooting- cnc copper busbar machine
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