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CNC busbar processing machine is specially used for the processing of copper and aluminum bus bars for the power industry. Box-type substation, high and low voltage complete set,  and bus duct industry. Using two-axis digital control to clamp the bus bar once can realize various specifications of horizontal bending, vertical bending, and other work. The unique touch screen and PLC digital control mode are with the advantages of simple operation, easy to use.  Fewer failure points, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and low consumption, precision and accuracy, low carbon,  and environmental protection.

During the operation, it is only necessary to install the bus bar to be processed in place. Cooperate with the touch screen programming and related operations to complete the horizontal bending, vertical bending, and other work of the bus bar.

The machine adopts the advanced principle of AC servo numerical control side blocking, grating control processing angle, and so on. So that the positioning accuracy of the blocking is ± 0.1mm, and the angle control accuracy is ± 0.5 °. After the processing program is started, the processing of a single piece of work can be directly completed without stacking the semi-finished products in a single sequence. Which can improve efficiency, reduce the occupied area, reduce the labor intensity, generate no surplus and waste, and discharge no three wastes?

It is safe, efficient, accurate,  and environmental protection. It can be combined with a 602K CNC busbar punching and shearing machine to become a CNC bus bar processing center, with processing efficiency ten times higher than that of conventional products.

About price for CNC busbar bending machine:

Servo busbar bending (without hydraulic kind ) NC.0Z price is the highest 40,000 USD around.

CNC busbar bending ( with servo and CNC ) NC.0Z price is lower 30,000 USD around.

Half CNC bending ( like 303e-3-s and 303e-3)  price is 10,000 USD around.

Above only the suggested price, for more discount just let me know ( contact ).

CNC busbar processing machine

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CNC busbar processing machine at best price in china-LJ
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