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Before operating the CNC busbar bending in the busbar machinery factory store, please read the operating manual of the CNC busbar bending carefully. Understand the basic knowledge of the principle, structure, performance, operation, maintenance, and safety of the bending machine. Master the correct operating procedures and have the ability to handle failures in emergency situations to ensure the safety of personnel and machines.

The basic operation of the flexible busbar bending.

  1. First, turn on the power, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so you can hear the sound of the oil pump rotating. (The machine does not work at this time.
  2. Stroke adjustment, you must pay attention to adjusting the stroke when using the busbar bending machine, and you must test it before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine descends to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise, it will damage the die and the machine. The stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.
  3. For the selection of bending notches, a notch with a width of 6-8 times the thickness of the plate is generally selected. If you bend a 4mm sheet, you need to choose a notch around 24 or 32.
  4. Backgauge adjustment generally has two kinds of electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. When adjusting, the stop finger should be adjusted to the upper surface of the lower mold to prevent damage to the equipment. No people are allowed to stand near the back gauge. Close it.
  5. Step on the footswitch to start bending. The bending machine is different from the shearing machine. You can release it at any time. When you release your foot, the bending machine will stop, and then step on to continue downward.
  6. flexible busbar bending

Maintenance of the flexible busbar bending.

Busbar machine factory shop busbar bending machine should be turned on every day to remove foreign matter and metal debris on the machine tool and mold. Check whether the mold is installed firmly. Whether the electrical switches, cables, and fasteners are normal and whether they are loose. Before machine maintenance or cleaning, the upper mold should be aligned with the lower mold and then turned off until the work is completed. If you need to start or perform other operations, select the manual mode, and ensure safety. The maintenance content is as follows.

  1. Hydraulic circuit when bending busbars copper.
  2. Lubricate each point according to the lubrication requirements every day.
  3. Lubricate the ball screw and rolling guide every day after cleaning.

C. Before work, every day, wipe off the residue on the mold.

d. Regularly clean the filter screen of the oil outlet filter.

e.Check the gas-liquid pump oil tank regularly, replace it after one month of first use. And change the oil every year according to the specific conditions. The minimum oil temperature is not less than 10℃.

f.  Check the oil level of the oil tank every week. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should also be checked. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, add hydraulic oil. Add YB-N46 hydraulic oil to the oil tank and filter it with an oil filter below 10 mesh. Refuel only after the fuel tank is cleaned, and the depth is within the scale of the fuel tank.

  1. Filter before bending busbars copper (nc.40z-2000).

Every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned.

cnc busbar bending

  1. The CNC busbar bending machinery tool has related alarms or other filter abnormalities such as unclean oil and should be replaced.

The air filter on the C fuel tank should be inspected and cleaned every 3 months, and it is best to replace it every year.

  1. Hydraulic components of CNC busbar bending.

  2. bending busbars copper

a. Monthly clean hydraulic component (base plate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipe, etc.) to prevent dirt from entering the system, and no cleaning agent.

b. After using the new machine for one month, check whether there is any deformation in the bends of the oil pipes. If there is any abnormality, they should be replaced. After two months of use, all fittings should be tightened. The machine should be shut down during this work, and the system should have no pressure.


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