Some features and operation principle of Cnc busbar bender

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Cnc busbar bender is a professional electric machine,which can bend busbars by fast speed and high precision work.Only need use autocad or solidworks drawing to generate code by the software then download the code in machine then bend is ok.If you dont have drawing, can enter bend size and the angle or by template can easily and high precient to finish bending.

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What is the features of the copper bus bar bending machine ?

U bending for small width and thickness busbars

  1. Point 1:Convenient and quick drawing softwareof the bending machine for busbar

The special software for bus bar processing can realize automatic programming and is convenient and quick. Effectively reduce time consumption and material waste.


  1. Point 2:Operation interfaceof cnc busbar bender

Simple operation, real-time reflection of equipment operation status.


  1. Point 3:Hydraulic drive technologyof the copper bus bar bending machine

The results are compact, stable and noiseless.


  1. Point 4:high efficiencyof the busbar bender

The equipment has high bending accuracy and high efficiency, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

touch screen showing the real time working..

What is the operation principle of the busbar bending (hydraulic model)?

cylinders for busbar machines

The operation principle of the copper bar bending machine is as follows:

motor (supplying power to the pump) → pump (generating high-pressure hydraulic power) →

electromagnetic + relief valve (operating primary pressure) → long-distance pressure regulating valve (regulating secondary pressure) →

electromagnetic reversing valve (transmitting pressure oil to each cylinder) →

oil cylinder (completing punching, shearing and folding processing of the cylinder).

The motor transfers power to the oil pump, and the oil pump generates high-pressure oil.

High pressure hydraulic pressure .The oil is sent to the solenoid relief valve through the one-way valve.

At this time, the hydraulic oil (through the relief valve) flows back to the oil tank.

When the solenoid flow valve is closed, the first stage force occurs. The long-distance pressure regulating valve reduces some pressure of the hydraulic oil, and then the oil is sent to the solenoid valve.

The solenoid valve controls the direction of the hydraulic oil, so that the oil cylinder can complete up and down or forward and backward movement

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