N wire break fault of the CNC bus bar processing machine

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CNC bus bar processing machine is in the single-phase power supply range, the N wire is broken, the electric lamp in the fault range is not on. And other electrical appliances cannot be used. At this time, the neon lamp is used to test the electricity. And the phase wire and N wire are on. When the digital electric pen is used to test the power, the phase wire, and N wire both display the phase voltage. However, there is no voltage indication when the electric voltage meter is used. According to the above situation, it can be determined that the N wire in the single-phase power supply range is open circuit.

CNC Bus bar processing machine

How to judge?

A branch of the three-phase four-wire system wire has an N wire open circuit fault. The specific performance is that within the power supply scope of this branch wire. Some users’ electric lights are not bright enough, fluorescent lamps can not be started, TV brightness decreases. And the image is reduced, and electrical appliances with under-voltage protection cannot start or automatically shut down. However, the voltage of some users is obviously increased, the electric lights are particularly bright, and the speed of the busbar manufacturing machine electromechanical fan is accelerated. In serious cases, the electric lamps or other electrical appliances will be burnt out quickly. If the above situation occurs, it can be determined that the branch N wire is open circuit. The three-phase distribution transformer produces N wire open circuit fault within the power supply scope, that is, the N wire bus is open circuit.

The specific performance is the same as the three-phase four-wire branch N wire open circuit fault, but the scope is larger. The harms are more serious. And the loss is greater. N wire or zero cross-section wire is burnt seriously. The poor contact at the N wire connector causes a spark phenomenon, which causes the N wire open circuit for a long time. The connection between the N wire terminal and the conductor of the busbar generator distribution transformer is poor. And the maintenance is not in place, resulting in the N wire open circuit. Distribution transformer internal N wire leads open circuit. A fuse or a separate switch is installed on the N wire of the three-phase four-wire system. The fuse is blown or the switch is opened, resulting in the open circuit of the N wire.

And more to solve some problem of the CNC bus bar processing machine

When the three-phase four-wire system is disconnected, the N wire shall be disconnected first. The N wire is an open circuit caused by other faults, such as the N wire is broken by a strong wind. And the N wire is broken due to vehicle collision with pole and guy wire. For the three-phase four-wire power supply, the single-phase load should be evenly distributed as far as possible. The three-phase load balance should be maintained. And the three-phase current monitoring should be strengthened, and the unbalance should be adjusted in time. The N wire current shall not be greater than one-fourth of the phase wire current. And the N wire conductor section shall not be less than one half of the phase wire section. The connection of the N wire should be firm and reliable.

If the aluminum conductor is used in the lead-in and lead-in wire of distribution transformer and distribution panel. Copper aluminum transition clamp should be used, and inspection and maintenance should be strengthened. Especially. Night inspection should be carried out, and timely treatment should be carried out in case of a spark in the joint. It is forbidden to install a fuse or separate switch device for the N wire of three-phase four-wire system circuit of CNC copper busbar processing machine. When the three-phase four-wire system is disconnected, the phase wire shall be disconnected first. And then the N wire and the wiring sequence shall be the opposite. Once the N wire fault occurs, the three-phase power supply should be cut off as soon as possible to reduce the accident damage.

Above all

Due to the randomness of starting the CNC copper busbar processing machine, a three-phase load imbalance is inevitable. Due to the electrical damage caused by the open circuit of the N wire, the events demanding compensation occur constantly. Therefore, only by strengthening the inspection and maintenance of the N wire and preventing the trouble in the bud. Can we ensure the safe operation of the N wire and reduce disputes and economic losses.


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N wire break fault of the CNC bus bar processing machine
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