Brief introduction of busbar punching cutting-made in china

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Busbar punching cutting is a kind of bus bar production line with a high degree of automation, accurate positioning, convenient use, high efficiency. And high performance, which combines automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic punching, automatic displacement, white cutting, automatic mold replacement. And automatic material receiving.

It is widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing and box-type substation Station, bus duct.

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And other industries, for various specifications of copper, aluminum bus bar automatic processing. The busbar punching cutting has the advantages of high processing speed and high precision without manual intervention.

The servo CNC hydraulic busbar shear is composed of a feeding table, mold storehouse, conveying device, servo control unit, and computer control system. This machine is a three-dimensional machining unit composed of three servo control axes and a hydraulic spindle, including the X, y feeding axis. And Z mold magazine axis.

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  The finished product conveying shaft cooperates with each other to complete the processing of copper and aluminum bus bars.

1. The busbar punching cutting adopts double clamps. The workpiece is clamped by the fixed clamp at the feeding port. The opening of the clamp can be pre-adjusted according to the size of the copper bar to reduce the clamp action time. When the copper bar moves, the clamp is released, and the fixed clamp is clamped before the punching shear. The material head is clamped by the movable clamp at the discharge port, and the workpiece is dragged to move. The working model of the double clamp can improve the stability of the workpiece during punching and shearing. And improve machining efficiency and precision. The maximum stroke of the clamp is three meters. When processing materials more than three meters, one clamping can be realized without manual intervention. The punching, shearing, and adding of the workpiece can be completed by automatically switching the clamp repeatedly.

2. The busbar punching cutting is controlled by three coordinate linkage industrial control and numerical control system. Based on the industrial control computer, the system application software is developed secondarily. The operator only needs to compile a simple part processing program or carry out CAD drawing directly on the screen to draw the graphics of the parts to be processed. Then the processing program can be generated and the cycle processing can be carried out. As a human-machine interface, the touch screen is simple, intuitive. And easy to understand, and has low requirements for operators. The core control components are imported famous brands, which reduces the failure rate in the later use of the busbar punching cutting.

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And more of busbar punching cutting.

  1. The die library is a five punch, shear, and embossed in-line die library, which can meet different processing requirements of copper and aluminum bars. Such as cutting, punching round holes, elliptical holes, square holes, corner-cutting, and other processes. The shearing station is a single knife type flat cutting edge shearing. After shearing, there is no scrap, no tread angle, no burr, and the shearing effect is good.
  2. The busbar shearing punching equipped with a number of intelligent sensing switches, when the material length is not enough. It can automatically alarm and automatically stand by. Due to mold wear or misoperation, the detection switch can detect the height of the mold to avoid accidents.
  3. The hydraulic power part is driven by a motor high-pressure oil pump. And the power is transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder through the control valve. It is equipped with an oil temperature sensor (alarm when the oil temperature is too high or too low). And air-cooled radiator so that the hydraulic system of the machine can operate safely and effectively for a long time.
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Brief introduction of busbar punching cutting-made in china
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