The working ways of the CNC busbar line made in china

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Busbar line is a kind of automatic punching machine that automatically locates and clamps automatic feeding materials.It is automatic shear, automatically changes the mold perfectly combined. The higher degree of automation.

The high efficiency and high-performance busbar production line convenient use is widely used in the high and low voltage switch cabinet. And transformer manufacturing box-type substation.

CNC busbar line

About the busbar line 602k

The busbar punching machine for copper and aluminum bus bars of various specifications is used in the industry of bus duct. Wich has the advantages of fast processing speed and high precision without manual intervention.


Copper busbar punching machine is made up of feeding table mold warehouse conveying device, servo control unit set.

The machine is composed of three servo control axes and a hydraulic column axis, including x y z-axis.

The direction of the conveying shaft of the mold base is coordinated to complete the processing of the copper and aluminum busbar. And the CNC rotary punching and shearing machine adopt the double-clamps feeding port to be fixed.

The opening of the clamp to hold the workpiece can be pre-adjusted according to the size of the widths of the busbars. Which is reduced action time, when the busbar moving clamp open before shearing and punching front clamp open? Before punching and shearing the front clamping clamp. The material outlet has activist clamps the head, drag the workpiece to move. Using a double strengthening working way, can improve the station during the punching and shearing. Improve the processing efficiency, precision,  the maximum stroke of 2 meters.

If the processing busbar is more than two meters, the material can be realized with this weight. without manual intervention, through the automatic repeated change the clamp to finished shearing and punching also.

The busbar line is controlled by the CNC system of three-coordinate linkage.

copper busbar punching machine

And more about copper busbar punching machine

On a common basis, the secondary development of the system application software. Operators only need to compile simple parts processing program or directly on the screen.

By the graphics of the parts can be generated processing procedures. Circular processing, touch screen as a simple human-machine interface intuitive. And easy to understand, low requirements for operators.

The core control components are all imported famous brands, which reduce the failure rate in the later use of the equipment.

Line-construction mold library, which can meet the different processing requirements of the busbars, for example.

Cut, punch round hole, oval hole, square hole, magpie bridge, and other processes. The shear station is a single knife is to comment on no waste, no other corner collapse, no burr, good shear effect.

The machine is equipped with the inductive switches when the length is not enough. It will automatically alarm and automatic standby, due to mold wear or.

Due to mold wear or misoperation, the representative can have a detection switch, by detecting the height of the mold, to avoid accidents.

The hydraulic power part is driven by an electric motor. The high-pressure oil pump transmits the power to the pressure steel through the control valve. It also has an oil temperature sensor. When the temperature too high or low, Alarm will be on.

busbar punching machine

The air-cooled radiator is a mechanical hydraulic system, which can be operated safely and effectively for a long time.

Also can cooperate working by software with 40z-2000

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The working ways of the CNC busbar line made in china
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