Busbar cutting punching and bending machine-more features

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Busbar cutting punching and bending machine (also known as copper bar machine) is mainly used for various specifications of copper and aluminum bus bar processing. The same machine can punch, cut, and bend separately or at the same time. It is a piece of special equipment for processing copper aluminum busbar in the power industry. High and low voltage complete set, and bus duct industry.

The main features of the busbar cutting punching and bending machine:

(1) the machine has three processing units: punching, shearing, and bending. Which can respectively punch, shear, and bend the bus bar. And can also choose to press flat, emboss, crimp cable joint, button flower, and other special processing.

(2) The machine adopts the design scheme of a double-layer working table. The three working positions can work at the same time without affecting each other, which is convenient to use and the production efficiency is obviously higher than the traditional busbar multi-process machine.

(3) The working stroke of each unit can be adjusted conveniently to reduce the auxiliary processing time and improve production efficiency.

(4) The punching and shearing unit adopts vertical processing mode, which is flexible and convenient to operate. The shear is adopted for cutting, and the cutting workpiece is flat.

(5) The bending unit is horizontal, and the bending of horizontal bending and vertical bending can be realized by changing the mold. The bending unit of the numerical control busbar multi-working machine adopts numerical control mode and has memory function at the same time.

(6) By changing the mold, various processing functions can be realized, such as embossing, flattening, cable joint pressing and button twist, etc.

(7) Busbar cutting punching and bending machine adopt the turret structure. Which can assemble 4,6,8 sets of punching dies at one time, and can select the appropriate punching die to work with simple operation.

Busbar cutting punching and bending machine

busbar multi working machine

busbar multi process machine

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Busbar cutting punching and bending machine-more features
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