The design and Q&A of busbar cutting bending machine

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Busbar cutting bending machine is composed of a punching unit, shearing unit, and bending unit. It is assembled on the same working table to form three working positions. It completes punching, shearing, bending, and embossing of copper and aluminum bus respectively. This design is mainly the design of a punching structural unit.

About the design of the busbar machine.

In the machining program, punching is one of the main processing. Many processes follow-up processing, of which punching is the most basic link. Therefore, the success or failure of subsequent processing is closely related to the result of punching.

This topic is comprehensive, which can consolidate and strengthen the knowledge learned. Improve my ability to comprehensively use the knowledge, and solve practical engineering problems with a certain degree of complexity. According to the working characteristics and processing requirements of the multi-station busbar cutting bending machine. The structures of the punching unit of the multi-station busbar cutting bending machine are analyzed and designed. And the frame structure of the punching unit is optimized.

The convex and concave die of the punching unit and the structure of the upper and lower die bracket are designed, and the comprehensive application of the knowledge of mechanism, mold. And hydraulic pressure is learned. And the mechanical design is preliminarily mastered, mold design, hydraulic transmission. And other aspects of knowledge and methods to improve the mechanical design, engineering application ability.

Refer to the relevant literature about the design of a busbar processing machine, including books, periodicals, papers, design manuals, mechanical equipment, and equipment technical parameters. Through understanding this knowledge, we can have a concrete and detailed understanding of the development at home and abroad, production and manufacturing technology conditions, research level, and future development trends. Then through the practice outside the factory to have perceptual knowledge, through the continuous selection and optimization design, finally establish the preliminary idea of multi-station busbar punching mechanism.

Busbar cutting bending machine

Q&A of the busbar cutting bending machine

A. How to solve the situation that three positions of busbar cutting bending machines do not work?

  1. In the first case, confirm whether the phase sequence of the main power supply of the bus bar bend cut punch machine is reversed: adjust two items of the power line corresponding to L1, L2, and L3.
  2. The second situation is to check whether the hydraulic oil is in place, which is generally easy for new equipment.

B. How to solve the problem that a certain station of busbar processing equipment does not work?

  1. To see whether the motor of the busbar processing equipment works normally, if the motor does not run, please reset the thermal relay. If the motor can not operate after reset, please observe whether the PLC output indicator light is on. If not, it indicates that the PLC has been damaged and the hardware needs to be replaced. If the PLC output indicator light is on, please measure whether the PLC output voltage is normal. A kind of
  2. Next, let’s look at the normal operation of the motor. Please turn your attention to the solenoid valve. Try to press the work button to see if the indicator light of the solenoid valve will be on or off. If it is a numerical control type, check whether there is a downtime. If not, please fill in the downtime (refer to the system parameters). If so, it is judged that the PLC is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  3. When PLC is on, there are two situations. The first is more common, that is, the valve is jammed. Clean the solenoid valve, poke the solenoid valve, or clean the overflow valve; the second is to check whether the voltage is normal.

C. How to solve the problem of inaccurate bending angle of the busbar processing machine?

1. First of all, the bending angle of the busbar cutting bending machine is not accurate. Please pay attention to whether the grating ruler has readings. If not, it can be judged that the grating ruler is broken. If there are readings, clear all readings to zero.

  1. The solution to the inaccuracy of the bending machine angle of non CNC busbar processing equipment.

1) check whether the counter screw is loose.

2) check whether the bending limit switch is loose.

3) check whether the bending upper and lower beams are loose.


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