Some application problems when we use the bus bar line

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This is the application problem when we use the bus bar line. Because it is equipped with automatic oil filling and discharging installation.

Open the toolbox, insert one end of the random oil filling, and discharging the hose into the oil filling port. And the other end into the new oil barrel. Put the switch at the refueling position to stop the refueling operation. Check the oil tank to avoid oil overflow. Stop refueling when the oil is full. When replacing the new oil (oil drain), but switch at the oil level first. Insert one end of the hose into the oil filler and the other end into the waste oil container. According to this step, first, drain the used hydraulic oil, and then add the new hydraulic oil to the oil tank.

bus bar line

Special attention should be paid to the copper busbar punching cutting.

Pay attention to the cleanness of oil barrels, oil fillers, and pipelines when refueling the bus bar line.

If the hydraulic pump is driven under the condition of short hydraulic oil, the motor and hydraulic system will be damaged. Be sure to confirm the oil quantity before running the machine.

According to the operation status of the bus bar line, change the hydraulic oil every half a year if necessary. In an environment of high temperature, high humidity, and dust, it is necessary to shorten the oil change cycle. If the hydraulic oil is not changed for a long time, it is easy to damage the oil pump and hydraulic components. Please change the hydraulic oil in time.


Copper busbar punching cutting manufacturers remind you to choose a spacious, clean, and flat place to install a copper busbar punching cutting, and pay attention to the following matters:

In the moving range of materials, avoid obstacles to avoid accidents.

The space for placing the equipment shall be able to carry out maintenance and repair, and the height shall be 1500mm higher than that of the machine.

copper busbar cutting punching

Equipment power supply, three-phase four-wire system 380VAC + pe.50hz or customized. It is necessary to ensure reliable protective grounding and avoid placing it beside the equipment with high current.

The working environment of a bus bar line: the ambient temperature is not more than 40 ℃. And the ambient humidity is 5-95% RH.

Attention should also be paid to the installation of a busbar leveling machine.

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