Function and installation of automatic busbar machine

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 Automatic busbar machine  is a high-efficiency and high-precision bus bar processing special equipment controlled by computer. It is a high-efficiency and high-performance bus bar production which perfectly combines automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic punching, automatic displacement, automatic cutting, automatic mold replacement, and automatic material receiving, which are all in 1 Production line, widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing, box-type substation, bus duct, and other industries, for various specifications of copper, aluminum bus bar automatic processing. The machine does not need manual intervention in the processing. It has the advantages of fast processing speed and high precision.

The automatic busbar machine is composed of a feeding table, mold warehouse, conveying device, servo control unit and computer control system. The computer system is a precise electronic component. No one is allowed to open the cabinet and touch the internal components at will. Even qualified maintenance personnel should do a good job in anti-static work when opening the cabinet. It is forbidden to copy any content irrelevant to machine work into the computer to avoid the risk of computer virus infection. So what should be paid attention to when installing the CNC busbar shear machine?

One set of hydraulic busbar punching machine in workshop

Requirements for installation site of hydraulic busbar punching machine

For the installation site of hydraulic busbar punching machine, please select a place with sufficient space and pay attention to the following matters:

First: There should be no obstacles such as pillars within the moving range of materials and machines. The height of the ceiling shall be more than 1000mm higher than the machine.

Second: There should be space for collecting toolbox of the metal mold. There shall be a space convenient for moving in and out of materials, machine maintenance and repair, etc. There shall be space for opening and closing the strong current cabinet.

Third: It shall not be set in the accessories of grinding machines and other dust-producing places. It should be far away from the welding machine, drilling machine, grinder, and other noisy machines. Please choose a warm place without direct sunlight or direct wind.

Do not set it near the machine with high current. Please use the power supply independently.

Busbar bent and punched by automatically busbar machine

Precautions during handling of CNC busbar shear machinery

Point 1: The handling operation of a hydraulic busbar punching machine may not only damage the machine but also be very dangerous. Please entrust professional personnel.

Point 2: Please use the dispatching equipment and wire rope that can fully bear the weight of the machine.

Point 3: When suspending the hydraulic busbar punching machine, please use the wire rope to suspend the machine body at the lower end of the machine, pay attention to the balance while gently lifting. When lifting or lowering the machine, do not hit the machine.

Point 4: Pay attention to balance when the forklift is used to fork the main body of the machine 602k.

sending cnc busbar shear machines in container


Requirements for power wiring of automatic busbar machine

1:For the power wiring of automatically busbar machine, please entrust professionals.

2: When opening the strong current cabinet, please be sure to cut off the main power supply at the factory side.

3: Please do not use the same power system as the welding machine which is the noise source near the power supply. In addition, welding machines, electric drills, grinders, and other machines should be used at a distance of more than 5 meters from the system.


Confirm the oil quantity of hydraulic working oil before starting the automatic busbar machine

filling oil for cnc busbar shear machines

1: If the hydraulic pump is driven under the condition of a lack of hydraulic working oil, the hydraulic pump and motor will be damaged. When running the machine, be sure to confirm the oil quantity. Pay attention to keep the oil barrel, oil filler, and pipeline clean when adding and discharging oil.

2: Please use the oil float in the hydraulic station to confirm whether it reaches the specified level. Observe the oil float during an inspection. When the top marking line of the oil float is lower than the panel of the hydraulic station, please replenish the oil immediately.

3: When refueling, please refuel from the filler, and the display is between the upper and lower identification lines.

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Function and installation of automatically busbar machine
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